Weight loss after having a baby has been quite challenging for me for the past three years. I’ve tried dieting and cleansing, but I would always find myself reverting back to eating unhealthy foods. At this point, I’m willing to try anything to improve my well-being. As a new resident in L.A., I couldn’t help to notice that a lot of the Asians here have a slimmer figure. I’ve heard from the past that Asians are usually slim because they focus on creating a well and balanced healthy life. I educated myself on what a typical Asian diet consists of, and here are my findings:

1. They drink tea or water over soft drinks. Drinking tea or water before your meal will fill you up with zero calories and helps to support the digestive system. It’s best to drink 30 minutes before or after meals, not during. This is great because I already knew this and had stopped drinking soft drinks years ago. Just tea and water for me!

2. Asians eat in smaller portions. Large portions equal to more eating. They also use chopsticks to consume their food which means you eat less and get full quicker. Last month, I dined at an Asian restaurant, and their food portions were indeed smaller. I used a chopstick to consume my meal, and I did, in fact, felt fuller.

3. They enjoy eating fresh and real food. Not like the process foods that sometimes find its way into my fridge. They include fermented foods like miso, soy sauce, kombucha which has natural probiotics and aids the digestion. Fo dessert, it’s fruits and not ice cream or cake.

4.  Eat on time. Their breakfast is usually from 8-9am, lunch 12-1pm and dinner from 6-8pm. They eat nuts, dried fruit, or seeds for snacks.

5. Distractions equal overeating. Avoid eating in front of the television or at their desk. Asians enjoy eating in a family style and take a lunch breaks with no distraction.

6. Soup! Broth-based or vegetable soups. They have little calories and have many nutrients and vitamins.

7. Asians use natural herbs versus taking prescribed pill.

 I’ve been on the Asian diet for a week and my schedule goes as follow:

  • 6:30 am – I drink about 8-ounce water and I consume 1 oz of hot vegetable soup for breakfast.
  • 6:45 – 11 am – Study and job hunt
  • Noon – I eat lunch
  • 11 am – 3 pm – It’s mommy time with my daughter
  • 3-4 pm – I may snack on a fruits or not
  • 5:30-7 pm – Get dinner ready and eat
  • 8:45-9 pm – Hit the gym!

Below is a first week image of my body.  I’ll keep you posted on my process. Wish me luck!











What is your current dieting routine for losing weight? Tell me about it.


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