I’ve got a girl crush and no… it’s not that kind of crush. I’m crushing on my favorite fashion and beauty blogger/influencers that keeps me wanting to see more. Can you imagine life without fashion and beauty blogger/influencers? Where would we get our inspirations from? Thanks to social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram and facebook, we have all access to view these beauties anytime we want. Whether you follow them through these social channels or not, these group of ladies are killing it locally and international. Here my five favorites who I can say are my virtual BFF’s.

1. Teni Panosian
Formerly “Miss Maven,” now “Remarques,”actress and beauty blogger Teni is known for her talent for hair, makeup, home decor and YouTube channel. Based in Los Angeles, California, she uses her platform to demonstrate & review the best beauty & hair products, and style to millions of followers. Millions! Her Youtube channel has over 1.1 million followers, with over 74 million viewers. When I came upon her channel several years ago, I was not only hooked but I found her channel trustworthy and genuine.

2. Patrica Bright
Oh, Mrs. Bright! Where do I start with you? Born in Nigerian and raised in the United Kingdom, Patricia is not only a Beauty blogger/vlogger, mom, makeup and style expert but she is seriously hilarious! Patrica who is almost 31-years-old is very entertaining to watch, and no subject is off bounds! Being a mom, like myself, I can relate to her and find her advice and confidence refreshing. She has inspired me to enjoy life more and not take things too seriously. And! Baby Grace, how adorable is she?!

3. Kelly Saks Style
I had the opportunity to work this Miami rising star on several social media campaign shoots while working at the iconic, Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel. A blogging fashionista since 2010, Kelly shares “her love for fashion and beauty with girlfriends across the web; she has since established herself as Miami’s go-to fashion girl.” Her style is unique, fun, vibrant and very Miami. She was named “Top 5 Latina bloggers that rule the world” by Glamour and has been featured in several top magazines and blogs.

4. Desi Perkin
Another L.A.-based beauty influencer I admire is Desi Perkins. A former freelance makeup artist who knows her stuff, this bombshell beauty rose to the top with her stunning makeup and beauty tutorials on her YouTube channel. As a self-taught makeup artist, I’ve managed to pick up some tips and tricks from watching her tutorials over the past several years. Her ability to transform her face in all sorts of looks is astonishing, and you can’t help to be drawn in by her charming personality. She’s perfect from head-to-toe and she’s not afraid to show off a bareface, I mean, it Desi, wouldn’t you! She has the  perfect skin! Don’t forget about her sense of fashion. She may be a notable beauty guru, but if you check out her Instagram page, it screams fashion. She even has a sunglasses collection with Quay Australia, and of course, I got my pair on the High-Key mini before they were sold out.

5. Camila Coelho
If you are looking for a high fashion beauty and fashion blogger, Camila is no stranger to that luxury lifestyle. Born on February 27, 1988, in Brazil, Camila is a self-name international blogger and fashion industry expert who provides followers an insight of her glamorous world. From beauty to fashion, Camilla has worked with several household name brands including Chanel, Dior, Lancome, and many more. She has two successful YouTube channels; one in English (MakeUpByCamila) and one in Portuguese (Camila Coelho). She also has been included in several magazines such as InStyle, Forbes and Women’s Health.

Do you have a favorite blogger/influencer?


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