Move on over contouring! And say hello to “Strobing”! Strobing? What is the new trend that is quickly replacing the contouring craze… for now? Strobing is a French makeup technique used to achieve a luminous, youthful and dewy look to the skin. It’s all about enhancing the highest points of your face by using products such as highlighters, shimmery creams, powders or liquids. No matt products needed and those who have struggled to master the whole contouring technique will love this new trend. Sorry Kim K, you’re being pushed to the side for now. So how does one achieve these look?
Most important is to have fresh and clean face
  1. Apply your favorite face moisturizer and foundation. You can mix your foundation with MAC’s Strobe Cream (but not too much).
  2. If you need to add a concealer, add a little moisturizer
  3. Add your highlighter to your cheeks, bridge of your nose, center forehead, chin, inner corner of your eyes, brow bone and cupid bow.
  4. If you’re oily, try to avoid those areas or add little bit of powder to help. Remember the purpose of this look is to look dewy and fresh.
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